The CEO and president of Hyperdynamix, Alexander Porter cares more for the achievements of his company and for its facilities than he does for the well-being of its workers. When his wife complaining he spent too much time at work, his response was to get a divorce, and his own son, Douglas, can't stand him either. Basically, no one likes him.

History Edit

Transformers Classified Edit

"Battle Mountain" Edit

Porter oversaw a test of his company's prototype tanks, pitting a tank remotely piloted by his son against Ironhide. Unfortunately the test ended in failure for the tank, and his son bore the brunt of his anger. When Hyperdynamix was later attacked by Decepticons, Porter alerted NEST to get them to defend the laboratories. He discovered that the twelve prototype tanks were mysteriously missing, despite the fact that the Decepticons hadn't breached that area yet. Though Optimus Prime and Ratchet successfully destroyed the three attacking Decepticons, significant damage was done to the complex in the meantime, much to Porter's anger. He was still ranting about it as he and Douglas returned home in his private helicopter.

"Satellite of Doom" Edit

Seeing the Transformers' presence on Earth as a threat, he began a new series of developments, unaware his own son was actively working against him behind the scenes. The first, the Hyperdynamix Orbital Debris Disposal Initiative Station was a space station secretly designed to track incoming Cybertronians, the second was a satellite which would broadcast a signal that would wipe out all Cybertronian life on Earth, though he told a NEST delegation that it would only affect Decepticons. When the stolen tanks reappeared, being controlled by the Decepticon Reverb, Porter ordered the satellite launch accelerated. Reverb arrived to stop the launch, badly injuring Porter in the process. When Gears and Kevin Bowman, Porter admitted the truth of what the satellite would do, spurring the pair to disable the device. Porter himself spent the next while in a hospital bed, watched over by Douglas.

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