Barricade is one of Megatron's top Decepticons. Wether it's hunting puny humans or just shooting at things, Barricade provides a threat on the battlefield that all Autobots have to watch out for. For all his crimes as a Decepticon, he tops it all off by transforming into a Cop Car, meaning Humans will run to him for help, so he can gun them down himself. But then again, the words "To Punish and Enslave" are written on his door.

History Edit

Barricade was one of the Decepticons sent to Earth to retrieve the AllSpark. He personally tracked the Human Sam Witwicky.

After Frenzy downloaded files from the Air Force One about Project Iceman, Barricade tracked down Sam Witwicky as they saw his ancestor's glasses, which the location of the All Spark is imprinted on.

Barricade chased Bumblebee to a deserted chemical plant and fought him he loses the fight but have enough time to deploy Frenzy before he was beaten.

Barricade survives the fight and joined the Battle of mission city.He presumably fled the battle after Megatron was destroyed.

Barricade was seen in the Chicago No Go-Zone searching for the Talisman. He then reports to Megatron that the Talisman has been taken by Cade Yeager.

Barricade was also with Megatron's Crew when they arrive at the Scrapyard.

Barricade was slammed into a wall by Grimlock in the town battle .

When the MI6 and TRF are chasing Cade, Viviane, Sir Edmund. Barricade is with them. Barricade was shot multiple times by Bumblebee are crashed into a wall.

Barrricade is seen battling with Megatron and Nitro Zeus at Stonehedge.