Blackout was a powerful and violently loyal Decepticon. It was rare to not see him looming silently near Megatron, but if he was not by his masters side, he would be serving him in the feild. Blackout also had a pet named Scorponok.

History Edit

Blackout took the form of a helicopter to head to a N.E.S.T base. Because of his helicopter mode, he assumed they would let him in easy. In fact, the Humans discoverd that same chopper had been shot down months ago. Ignoring the Humans warnings, Blackout landed, and as they approached him, he transformed, sending his foes into a panic. Blackout opened fire on the Humans and their base, blasting aside Tanks and people. He reached the main room and ripped the roof clean off, before grabbing the gena and began downloading all of N.E.S.Ts data, most inportantly, the location of Megatron. A few Humans escaped, but Blackout dispatched Scorponok to hunt them down. Blackout later joined Megatron in Mission City, to get the AllSpark. Lennox then recognised Blackout as the one who had destroyed their base. During the battle, Lennox stole a motorcycle and rode it directly at Blackout, who was unable to get a clear shot on the human. Lennox rode under Blackout firing between the Decepticons armour, blasting him apart. Mortally wounded, Blackout fell to the ground, dead at the hands of the one man he failed to kill in the first place.