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Blitzwing was a Deception Seeker and sometimes Triple Changer. He was sent to Earth to kill the Autobot Bumblebee, but ultimately failed and was killed by his target.



Bumblebee Prequel Comic[]

The mini-series is very noticeably written based on an earlier script or incomplete outline of Bumblebee in which Bumblebee has been on Earth for decades. As a result it is entirely incompatible with the movie it was supposed to be promoting, which depicts the title character as having freshly arrived on Earth at the start of the film Bumblebee. Bumblebee Movie Prequel follows along with the continuity twist regarding Bumblebee's arrival on Earth that was established in The Last Knight, yet is incompatible with the Bumblebee film itself. The comic itself retconized the story of Bumblebee in IDW comics, while at the same time leaving home references to the friendship of Astrotrane and Shockwave in Foundation and Rising Storm.

During the Great War, Blitzwing functioned as Diabla's handler during her stint as an Autobot spy, being the one who ultimately had her return to her faction. A later encounter with the Autobot Bumblebee ended in a humiliated Blitzwing being left for dead and swearing revenge on the scout. Several thousand years later, Blitzwing made his way to Earth during the Cold War and fell under the command of Malignus.

In 1964, Blitzwing reunited with Bumblebee in London and eagerly began exacting his revenge. Unable to match the Triple Changer's strength, Bumblebee was forced to detonate a gas main and flee underground. The encounter with his thought-dead foe led to Bumblebee erroneously believing that Blitzwing was in charge of the Decepticon forces on Earth, only realizing his error when Blitzwing appeared among Malignus's troops.

Unfortunately, Malignus' master plan began going sideways when Diabla suddenly turned on the Decepticons by saving Bumblebee from a Sharkticon. With Runabout butchered by Dead End and Astrotrain fleeing the battle out of disgust for Malignus' leadership, Blitzwing was the only one left to deal with the renegade Diabla. He was almost succeeded in killing her before Bumblebee tackled him, throwing off his aim and accidentally striking the nuclear warhead fired by Malignus. Blitzwing tried to use the chaos to fire at the unsuspecting Bumblebee only for P.R.O.G.R.A.M.M.E. agent David Reeve to warn his friend in time, the blast instead killing Dead End. Using Dead End's corpse as a shield, Blitzwing was able to survive the base's collapse and flew off into the night, being hunted by Bumblebee for the next two decades.

Bumblebee []

Blitzwing might have been possibly on Cybertron during the Autobot evacuation but this is unconfirmed.

Shortly after Bumblebee arrived on Earth, Blitzwing flew. Jack Burns was confused about who sent the Air Force, When he did so, Blitzwing attacked by blasting missiles at Bumblebee and the soldiers surrounding him, then, he transformed and tracked him down. engaging Bumblebee to a battle, After a brief fight, Blitzwing held Bumblebee by the neck and held him over a cliff and tried to interrogate the little bot on the whereabouts of Optimus Prime. When Bumblebee stated that he would never talk, Blitzwing decided to make it official and his left hand turned into a needle and he jammed it into Bee's neck and tore out his speech synthesizer. Afterwards, he dropped Bumblebee off a cliff but before he could kill him, Bee tore out a missile from one of Blitzwing's arms, then jabbed it in his chest and fired upon it, all the while Blitzwing yelled "NO!!!" as the missile explodes after Bee shot it, fatally killing Blitzwing.

Personality and Traits[]

Blitzwing was arrogant and sadistic, enjoying his attack on Bumblebee, and even mocking him for his courage, before ripping out his voice box. Blitzwing was shown to have no mercy, having no second thoughts on killing multiple soilders, or Bumblebee. He was also shown to toy with Bee, choosing to drop him from a cliff rather than straight up killing him. This arrogance proved to be his downfall, as Bee was able to outsmart Blitzwing and kill him in their fight.

Powers and Abilites[]

Blitwing was heavily armed, and possessed a range of missiles and explosives. As well as his vast cattily of weapons, Blitzwing could also fly in bot mode, able to slam Bumblebee from the air during their fight. He was also strong, as he could lift Bee up with ease, and was shown to be a fearsome combatant, easily defeating Bumblebee, but only being defeated by the sheer luck of the Autobot jamming his own missile into his armor.


  • Missile: Used to fire at Bumblebee and the Soldiers in alt mode, jabbed in his own armor.
  • Hand needle: Used to rip Bumblebee's voice box
  • Subsonic Gun: Shot at Bumblebee before his critical hit
  • (Not Used) Secondary Gun: Seen under the subsonic gun.


  • Blitzwing is one of the Main Antagonists in the IDW Movie Prequel to the Bumblebee Movie.
  • In the IDW Movie Prequel Comics to the Bumblebee Movie (more for a Verison that was more linked with Transformers 5: The Last Knight) Blitzwing is a Triple Changer.
  • Blitzwing was very confusing at first to say the least. In the live action film "Bumblebee", he resembles the design of "Transformers Generation One" Starscream who is also a Seeker himself rather then the actual triple changer design used in the G1 series and it's movie "The Transformers: The Movie" (and similar designs used in other continuities). This had lead to most fan to assume he was Starscream when the first trailer was released, it wasn't until Travis Knight confirmed in San Diego Comic-Con that it was indeed, Blitzwing.
    • Although was reimagine as a regular seeker or just a generic decepticon was just "Blitzwing" in name. Subsequent toys and comic would feel in the gap by portraying him with a tank mode and rotating face akin to Transformers Animated Blitzwing.
  • His role in the film was not clear, about how did he tracked down Bumblebee, or how did he get to Earth in the first place. Not to mention about why didn't he communicate and being rendezvous with Shatter and Dropkick. However given the fact that he’s a Seeker, it’s possible he was able to track down Bumblebee very quickly and his arrogance made him believe he could handle the task on his own.