Cemetery Wind was a CIA faction originally created to hunt down and eradicate any remaining Decepticons on Earth after the Battle of Chicago.


Cemetery Wind was lead by a opportunistic government & CIA operative named Harold Attinger. He is also a genocidal corrupt official, who helped Cemetery Wind to kill the remaining Transformers, and profiting from their nefarious, serious, and important operations.

They were also helping Lockdown, a ruthless mercenary who was affiliated by himself and went to Earth and hunt down and capture Optimus Prime.

Their mission was to hunt the Autobots and the Decepticons alike that were still on Earth. After killing them, they are taking to the KSI factory in Chicago to melt down their materials and transformed into high tech robots.

History: Edit

Sometime after the Battle of Chicago and the dissolution of N.E.S.T. Cemetery Wind was founded by the CIA. As anti-Autobot opinions and views among the public increased due to the massive loss of innocent lives in Chicago, the U.S government ordered Cemetery Wind to find and kill any remaining Decepticons left on Earth. Their efforts were proved to be efficient as Harold Attinger stated that their were fewer than a dozen Decepticons left. However, Cemetery Wind secretly disobeyed the President's order and began to kill the Autobots as well. They were responsible for the deaths of several Autobots to the point of where there were less than a dozen of them still on Earth.

Known Factional AntagonistsEdit

  • Lockdown (Superior Leader, & Misanthropic Mercenary, deceased)
  • Harold Attinger (Mid-Leader, deceased)
  • James Savoy (Enforcer/Field Commander, deceased)
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