Crowbar was a violent Decepticon and a member of the feared Dreads. Much like his comrades, he is hate filled and bloodthirsty.

History Edit

When Sentinel Prime was being retrieved from Earth's Moon, Hatchet, Crowbar, and Crankcase  surfaced quietly and secretly hitched a ride on the Autobots' shuttle back to Earth.

After Sentinel Prime was retrieved from Earth's Moon and reactivated, Megatron put into motion the plan that had been waiting in the wings for hundreds of years. With the human Sam Witwicky believing that the Decepticons wished to capture Sentinel and force him to use the control pillar to activate his space bridge, Crowbar, Crankcase, and Hatchet were sent to pursue the Autobots. Crowbar closed in on Seymour Simmons' car, transformed, reached in and tossed the former Sector Seven agent behind him as he bounded ahead to knock over a highway sign for the other two to use as a ramp.

However, despite their best collective efforts to slow down the Autobots, Hatchet was quickly destroyed, and the remaining Dreads were soon confronted by the Autobot heavy-hitter, Ironhide, who stopped them in their tracks with a head-on collision. Faced with Ironhide's heavy weapons and Sideswipe, the Dreads seemingly capitulated by dropping their ranged weapons, but as soon as the Autobots followed suit, they deployed spiked spears to attack their enemies. Though Crowbar's spear found its mark, embedding itself in Ironhide's shoulder, Sideswipe tossed the veteran Autobot his discarded blaster, and as Crowbar lunged at Ironhide, he blasted the dread in the face, blowing it apart and instantly killing Crowbar.