Devastator was a giant Deception Combiner made up of several of the Construction clones. Devastator was extremely powerful and even more violent, with a limited mental capacity, he would really only be used to destroy on a genocidal level. He was used during the battle of Egypt to uncover the Star Harvester.

History Edit

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Edit

The team of Construction clones met up in Egypt on the orders of Megatron and The Fallen. His components then transformed and combined, making Devastator, who came together with a roar. He instantly started taking giant steps towards Seymour Simmons and the Autobots Skids and Mudflap. Devastator then began sucking up everything around him, including the ground and a large van. Unable to hold on, Mudflap was sucked into the Combiner. Devastator then coughed, not expecting to get the Autobot. Devastator got another nasty suprise when he realised that Mudflap was not dead, and the little autobot punched his way out of the Combiner through its head, riping through one of its eyes. Enraged, Devastator tried to buck Mudlfap off, firing off wayward missiles in the process. Skids then joined the fray, the Twins providing a fair nucisence for the gigantic decepticon. It's problem solved itself, however, as Mudflap accidently shot Skids in the face, knocking them both off. Unfazed, Devastator began to head towards the Pyramind at Megatron's call. Devastator climbed out of the ditch and began to ascend the pyramid, failing to noctie Simmond underneath him. Devastator reached the top where his master was waiting, and uncovered the Star Harvester.

However, at the command of Simmons, the U.S.S Kidd battleship fired its new Railgun at The combiner, striking Devastator with a massive blast, causing the wounded Combiner to fall from the Pyramid, crashing down before it could safety decombine, and smashing apart, its decapitated head flying from the wreck to a smoky stop, ending Devastator.

Components Edit

Devastator is made up of:

  • Mixmaster (Leader) (head) (Offline; 1 Killed By Jetfire, Other Killed By Rail Gun)
  • Rampage (left leg/foot) (more likely to be foot because of the yellow dump truck) (Offline; 1 Killed By Bumblebee, Other Killed By Rail Gun)
  • Long Haul (right leg) (Offline; 1 Killed By Rail Gun, Other Killed By US Army Air Strike)
  • Scrapper (right arm) (Offline; 1 Killed By Rail Gun, Other Killed By US Army Air Strike)
  • Scavenger (torso) (Offline; Killed By Rail Gun)
  • Hightower (left arm)
Sometimes omitted
Other configurations