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Earth is the home planet to the human race and countless others. It's also the core of the Cybertronian chaos lord Unicron.


4.5 billion B.C, the Earth forms around the ancient Cybertronian chaos lord known as Unicron.

175 million B.C, the supercontinent Pangea broke up, resulting in the separation of Unicron's

65 million B.C, an alien race known as the creators arrives on Earth and began cyberforming the planet with transformium, killing all of earth's dinosaurs and rendering them extinct. The dinosaurs metals were later used to make Transformers.

In 17,000 B.C., the original Seven Primes first arrived on Earth and constructed a Star Harvester as part of their mission to collect Energon for the survival of the Transformers. However, they discovered that Earth had life, which went against their rule to never destroy any planet with life on it. However, one of them Megatronus rebelled and attempted to activate the Star Harvester anyway, but failed. To keep the Matrix of Leadership sealed away, the other six Primes scarified themselves by making a tomb of their bodies in the region that would come known as Petra.

In 10,000 B.C., the AllSpark falls to Earth in the Colorado River. It would later be discovered in 1913.

in 484 A.D. The twelve Guardian Knights joins King Arthur and his followers in a battle against the Saxons during England's Dark Ages.

in 1897, Archibald Witwicky discovered Megatron buried underneath the ice during an expiration to the Arctic Circle. He accidentally tampered with Megatron's navigation system which resulted in the AllSpark's coordinates being imprinted on his glasses. His glasses would be in the possession of his descendant Samuel Witwicky much later.

In 1913, a group of seven men discovered the AllSpark. These men would become known as the First Seven when a secret government agency called Sector Seven was secretly convened under the reign of President Herbert Hoover in 1927.

IN 1934, Megatron was discovered by Sector Seven in the Arctic Circle and shipped to Hoover Dam. Sector Seven is able to reverse engineer several forms of modern technology from him.

In 1969, the Ark (DOTM) crashes onto the moon and NASA sends three people are sent to the Ark.

In 2004, NASA launched the Beagle 4 to Mars. However, when it landed, the transmission revealed Starscream for a few seconds before the Beagle was taken out. This was covered up as a complete failure and the public would never know what truly happened as the incident was covered up as a failure.

In 2007, the first major encounter with Transformers would occur. It started when Blackout attacked a U.S military base in Qatar and were believed to be a terrorist attack, leaving the U.S government on high alert. However, the U.S government were unaware of their new foes they were facing. Soon after, Sam Witwicky buys his first car, which turns out to an Autobot named Bumblebee. After getting caught int between the Cybertronian skirmish with his lover interest Mikaela Banes, they are soon taken by Sector Seven, who captures Bumblebee in the process. After being taken to Hoover Dam with other prominent humans connected to the Transformers, they discover Megatron and the AllSpark. Sam later convinces S-7 to release Bumblebee to take the AllSpark to Mission City and hide it there.

After Megatron thawed out of the dam with little resistance, he and the other Decepticons pursued the Autobots and humans to Mission City where a lengthy battle occurred for possession of the AllSpark. At the end of the battle, the Autobots and their new human allies were victorious after and the Decepticons were taken out and Megatron was killed when Sam pushed the AllSpark into Megatron's chest.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Mission City, the President of the United States ordered the dead Decepticons disposed of in the Laurentian Abyss and Sector Seven to be disbanded as a means to cover up the existence of Transformers as effective as possible. N.E.S.T is also founded as an alliance between the Autobots and military forces from the U.S. and U.K. to counter Decepticon activity more effectively. Their goal is to secretly hunt down and eliminate any Decepticons hiding around the globe.

In 2009, N.E.S.T. proved to be effective in its cause as they have counter many Dececpticon incursions on every continent. On one of their most recent missions, they potential Decepticon activity in Shanghai, China. After the Chinese government evacuated civilians in Shanghai's factory district under the guise of a toxic spill, N.E.S.T. forces clashed with Demolisher. While Sideways was killed by Sideways, the mission went awry when Demolisher rampaged across the expressways of Shanghai, causing major damage before he was killed by Optimus with aid from Ironhide.

Meanwhile, Sam was prepping himself for college. There he encountered Leo Spitz, a conspiracy theorist who has been investigating the Battle of Mission City and the existence of Transformers via his own conspiracy theory website. Later, Sam, Leo, and Mikeala are thrown into another adventure after the Deception Pretender Alice attempts to kill Sam. Though Alice is killed, the humans are captured and the newly revived Megatron attempts to extract the symbols from Sam's mind. However, they are saved by the Autobots, but Optimus is killed by Megatron after a brutal forest battle.


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