Leadfoot (also Target) was a tubby Autobot who was part of the Wreckers. He was another Autobot who was killed during by Cemetery Wind.

History Edit

Following the Battle of Egypt, the Wreckers arrived on Earth aboard the Xantium.

After the Battle of Chicago, Optimus Prime gave the order for all Autobots to go into hiding. Leadfoot followed his leaders orders, but was Eventully hunted down by Cemtery Wind, who attacked and killed him, taking his body to KSI where he was melted down for parts.

Leadfoot is seen in a TV where Cade is hacking the drone, but soon a static appears shows Leadfoot is attacking the forces, but is indeed that the Cemetery Wind forces is strong while his left and right leg blown off. He is last seen while firing the forces.

Trivia Edit

  • The AOE description at the end might be wrong, while his corpse can be seen in Lockdown's ship tearing his parts and melts his parts.
  • In Transformers 5, Topspin returns with Leadfoot head due to unknown reasons. This might be not the case.