Maria Gonzalez is the Ghost 1's communications officer. Her duties include communicating with Mission Control, recording the events of the mission, and becoming irritable when the rest of the crew refer to her as "Uhura". When the situation gets intense, she has the habit of swearing in Spanish.

History Edit

Ghosts of Yesterday Edit

Following years of training, Gonzalez and the rest of the crew launched in mid-1969. As they prepared to sling-shot around Jupiter, they were instead shot through a wormhole to a distant star system. When they encountered an alien spacecraft, from which came a number of mechanical beings, Gonzalez found she could tune into their communications, though the alien electronic noises didn't make any sense to her. She set about getting Ghost 1's subsidiary communications system, based on the same Ice Man technology as the rest of the ship, to work. She succeeded, and Captain Walker recorded a short message to send back.

Walker had the ship land on a nearby planet, and when they were approached by an alien machine identifying itself as Starscream, Maria served as a translator for the captain and their new friend. Though Starscream claimed to be beneficent, after the Ghost 1 crew helped him to attack Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, he left them to rot, their ship crashed into a subterranean cavern. Gonzalez's communications skills were again employed when they were found by Optimus Prime, who proved to be more of a help than Starscream had been.

They returned to space, and Gonzalez managed to get two-way communications going with Earth, only for them to be told that they might have to sacrifice themselves to safeguard Earth's security. Gonzalez agreed with Walker's assertion that they should do all they could to help the Autobots, though she still alerted him when another message came in from Earth telling them they should attempt to return home. Walker pressed on determinedly, and they used the Ghost 1 to attack Starscream, right when the Decepticon was about to finish off Optimus. Gonzalez assured Walker that he had made the right decision, moments before Starscream destroyed the ship.

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