A genius chemist, Mixmaster serves as a weapons designer to the Decepticon elite. He has spent his entire lifespan mastering the intricacies of chemical reactions, becoming an expert in poisons, corrosive substances, and especially explosives. He has a knack for improvisation, being able to make deadly concoctions from just the native materials a world has to offer. A member of the Constructicons, and a Mixmaster Drone is seen during the Battle of Egypt, but the real one formed the head of Devastator, but after that is killed by a railgun. Also the Mixmaster "Drone" is killed by Jetfire.

There are at least two 'clones of his model.

Transforms into Mack Cement Truck gu713 granite model with Decepti-Dog-Con logo instead of original Mack one.

He also appear as boss in Dark of the moon Game Compain.