Overload was a Decepticon and Constructicon who alongside his fellow Constructicons, could combine into the mighty Combiner Devastator. Overload made up the lower waist of Devastator. On his own, Overload transformed into a red modified Komatsu HD465-7 articulated dump truck.

Design Edit

Overload is a red constructicon being an alt mode Komatsu HD465-7. Along with the terrifying constructicon with 4 crab-like claws and 4 crab feet, with it's hook attached on his back

Skills Edit

Abilities Edit

Genius Level Intellect & Reflexes : Overload can easily catch enemy missiles everywhere. If not fast enough, then Overload would've been exploded.

Detector: Overload might as well, meh Searching for Sam for the Matrix.

Weapons Edit

Claws: These claws are really helpful it can catch missiles on it's arms and can slice missiles too. Since these claws are powerful, it can destroy parts of the robots.

Hook: The hook can severely injure Autobots.

History Edit

Overload joins the over Constructicons in Egypt, where they meet in a clear patch of land, facing Seymour Simmons, Skids and Mudflap. Overload and the others then combine into Devastator.

After failing to kill Simmons and The Twins, Devastator is ordered to destroy the Pyramind to free the Star Harvester. Devastator assends the Pyramid and knocks the top clean off, unearthing the Havester for the The Fallen. However, the U.S.S Kidd then fires its experimental Railgun, which blasts Devastator off the pyramid, killing all his components in the precess, including Overload.

Trivia Edit

  • There is confusion, that Overload was once had 2 legs in the picture.