Scorponok was a Decepticon who served as Blackout's minion. Somehow, he outlived his master. He was killed by Jetfire.

History Edit

Blackout went to a U.S military base and attacked, deploying Scorponok in the midst of the battle. Scorponok dived underground, later tracking the surviving soldiers of the attack, bursting out the ground again and spearing one on his tail. The others ran, and Scorponok followed them to a small town, where his prey mounted an offense, shooting off his tail in the process. Injured, Scorponok dived back underground. His tail was taken for examination.

Scorponok vanished for almost a year, possibly unaware that his master Blackout had died in the battle of Mission City.

However, during the Battle of Egypt, Scorponok lurked under the sand and burst out, catching the Autobot Jetfire off guard and driving his spinning claws into the seeker's chest, mortally wounding him. As Jetfire fell injured, he pulled Scorponok out of his chest and crushed the Decepticons head, putting an end to Scorponok.