Sergei Tasarov is a member of the KGB's Arctic special forces. He's from Irkutsk, in the depths of Siberia, and he laughs at your Canadian winter. His English is good enough that he can pass for an American, but he's tripped up by some of the more obscure slang.

History Edit

Ghosts of Yesterday Edit

When the Russians got wind of the existence of the Ice Man being held at the Sector Seven High Arctic Base, Tasarov was sent to infiltrate the base and ensure that the Ice Man fell into Russian hands. Posing as Peter Hodgson, Tasarov ended up in the lead truck of a convoy taking the Ice Man to America. At the first convenient moment, in a snowy area of Canada, he signaled Russian forces waiting off the coast, and then crashed the truck, causing the rest of the convoy to follow suit.

Unfortunately while trying to leave the convoy, Tasarov was caught and rendered unconscious by the Americans. Taken before Colonel Kinnear, who had badly broken his leg in the crash and was in the worst mood imaginable, Tasarov blabbed the whole plan, but happily anticipated imminent rescue by his fellows. His mood dipped when Kinnear ordered him stripped to his underwear and placed under guard. Tasarov protested that such treatment was against the Geneva Convention, but Kinnear responded that the convention didn't apply to spies.

The Russians eventually turned up to attack the crashed convoy, and under cover of the battle, Tasarov managed to make his way to Kinnear's tent where, maddened by the cold, he attacked the Colonel with a knife. Though Tasarov managed to stab Kinnear in the chest, the wound wasn't immediately fatal. Kinnear's response on the other hand, stabbing Tasarov in the neck with a tent peg, most assuredly was.

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