Sideways was a Decepticon who came to Earth sompoint after the death of Megatron, and hid from Humans and Autobots with the gigantic Demolishor.

History Edit

At some point after the Battle of Mission City, Sideways came to Earth to find his great leader Megatron had died. He went into hiding from the Humans, finds refuge behind the giant Construction Demolishor.

Revenge of the Fallen 

When a team of N.E.S.T. And Autobots got an Energon reading on Demolishor, he transformed and attacked, prompting Sideways out of hiding. Realizing their were in fact two cons present, N.E.S.T. Sent in Sideswipe, who chased Sudeways until he threw two blades at the con and used them to cut Sideways in half, before he could transform again.

Notes Edit

Sideways is not DOTM Soundwave