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For the other movie Wheeljack, see Wheeljack (ROTB).

Wheeljack (aka Que in DOTM) was one of the Autobots' top scientists. Que would be the one to make the most unimaginable weapons and gadgets for both his fellow Autobots friends, and N.E.S.T.


Dark of the Moon: The Game[]

Note: This game serves as a prequel to Dark of the Moon, but is not in continuity to the IDW comics. At some point after the Battle of Egypt, Wheeljack arrived on Earth, along with Mirage.

Wheeljack provides a mechtech weapons, gives new guns to Ironhide to help him defeat Mixmaster, and heavily implied created Optimus Prime's flight gear from Jetfire's spare parts samples along with Optimus Prime's rear trailer.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon []

Wheeljack participated in joining an Autobot strike on a facility in Iran.

When the soldiers of N.E.S.T. returned, Wheeljack was giving a new Blaster to Ironhide. Upon spotting the Humans, Wheeljack introduced himself as Que, and told them he hoped that they could talk some sense into Optimus Prime and that he'd never seen his leader so upset before. When one asked if Prime was giving the silent treatment, Ironhide said they had seen that before, and this was not it, and Wheeljack agreed.

Following the betrayal of Sentinel Prime, Wheeljack was among the Autobots who were to leave Earth for good, under Sentinel's deal with the Humans. As Prime went to speak with Sam Witwicky, Wheeljack boarded the Xantium. After Starscream blew the Xantium up, The Autobots were presumed dead, and a fully fledged Decepticon attack began. However, the Autobots all survived, as they needed to make Earth's leaders see that the Decepticons would not keep their word. Wheeljack joined the others in meeting up with Sam outside Chicago, which was under Decepticon control.

The Autobots drove Into the city, Wheeljack included and reached a deserted church where they discussed a plan. As Theban soldiers prepared to leave, Wheeljack went to them, saying he didn't want them going into battle without his "Urban Combat Prototypes", despite Sideswipe telling him they needed to get going. Wheeljack called his inventions the best ones for kicking ass, referring to them as bombsticks armed in 30 seconds. Sam took two himself, alongside the other invention, grapple gloves.

At some point early in the Battle of Chicago, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, Mirage and Ratchet were captured by a group of Decepticons led by Soundwave. After overhearing a conversation between Soundwave and his human associate, he told Bee he thinks the Decepticons are going to kill them. As if on Wheeljack, Barricade grabbed Wheeljack, telling him his time was up. Wheeljack pleaded that they were already their prisoners, and they could talk it out as they were all "good chaps". Before he could continue, a Protoform shot him in the chest, knocking the inventor onto his knees. Barricade then shot him again, blasting him to scrap, Wheeljack fell, his head rolling off as he died. Bumblebee stopped to look at his comrades fallen corpse, before Soundwave prepared to execute him. This was put on hold, and Soundwave himself was killed.

Transformers: The Game (PSP)[]

Note: The Transformers video game serves as an alternative version of the movie, so is not in continuity with the main film series.

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Thousands of years ago on Cybertron, Wheeljack was one of Sentinel Prime's followers. While Sentinel's other pupils held off an attack by the heretic Thetacons, Wheeljack created a device that, once linked to the AllSpark, would teleport a sun into Cybertron's solar system. The sun's energy revitalised the AllSpark, bringing life and energy back to Cybertron, and Wheeljack calmly remarked that they had saved the world. Soon after, Wheeljack stood by Sentinel Prime's side when he addressed the population on Unification Day, announcing that the world would be governed by a Science Division led by Optimus, and a Defence Force led by Megatron. Wheeljack joined the Science Division.

Years later, Wheeljack, Sentinel Prime and Elita-One were at one of the division's archaeological digs when they came under attack from Megatron's forces, now rechristened "Decepticons" with the intent of seizing control of the planet. Wheeljack joined Optimus Prime in opposing the Decepticons as the Autobots.

As the war worsened, Sentinel Prime presented the Autobots with a "torch" he had invented that would end the war. Optimus's strike team would assault Simfur to activate the torch by bringing it into contact with the AllSpark, while Wheeljack stayed by Sentinel's side, awaiting its return and preparing to depart aboard the two great Arks the Autobots had built. Elita-One soon arrived with the active torch, at which point Sentinel ordered a reluctant Wheeljack to take the first Ark and collected the other Autobots from their base in Tyger Pax, while Sentinel himself took the torch and went to pick up Optimus's team aboard his own Ark. Consequently, Sentinel's Ark was apparently destroyed by the Decepticons. Optimus Prime enacted a new plan: while he kept Megatron busy, Wheeljack took the rest of the Autobots and attacked Simfur again, overwhelming the weakened Decepticons there and capturing the AllSpark. The cube was removed from the machine Wheeljack had invented, which caused Cybertron's sun to disappear.

Rising Storm[]

At some point after the Battle of Egypt, Wheeljack arrived on Earth, along with Mirage. The pair joined NEST, and were assigned to a unit stationed in Washington, D.C. This put them close to the action when a huge Decepticon battalion attacked Sam Witwicky's Univerity in Philadelphia, and they arrived just in time to help Bumblebee fight off the villains. Wheeljack generated a powerful force field to shield Sam and other human bystanders as they ran from the battle, and the pair helped hold the line until Optimus Prime arrived with reinforcements. Observing that the Decepticons were attempting to flee, Prime ordered Wheeljack to extend his force field in order to keep them from escaping, but before the scientist could comply, Shockwave descended onto the battlefield and grievously damaged Wheeljack with a powerful blast. Wheeljack remained just functional enough to complete his recalibration, trapping Shockwave inside his force field with the furious Optimus Prime. After Prime defeated Shockwave, Ratchet examined Wheeljack's broken body and reported that he could be repaired, though he probably wouldn't be "quite the same".

Dark of the Moon Adaptation[]

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Wheeljack was fighting on Cybertron alongside his fellow Autobots, Ratchet, Ironhide, Arcee, Cliffjumper and Brawn when they were nearly overrun. They were saved by the timely arrival of Optimus Prime who ordered them to escape Cybertron via escape pods and rendezvous on Earth. Wheeljack complied and along with most of the others, escaped Cybertron.

Arrived on Earth he scaned alt-form 1976 Lancia Stratos Turbo, and later in 1987 Porsche 962 1987's.[4]


  • Boom-Sticks
  • Grapple Gloves
  • Turbo gun
  • Buzzsaw
  • Naginata staff
  • Cybertronian Electric Machine-gun


  • Confirmed that in Rise of the Beasts Wheeljack was conceived as a distinct character from Dark of the Moon Que/Wheeljack. Rather than take the more Generation 1-inspired design of the Wheeljack seen in Bumblebee, either Hasbro or Paramount wanted to lean more into the idea of the character as a nerdy scientist, as they felt the Wheeljack seen in the fil Bumblebee was too similar to other characters among the Autobots. —Steven Caple Jr. on Uproxx, 2023/06/07
  • At the beginning of the script and deleted scenes, initially Dino/Mirage was executed as happened in the IDW comic film adaptation along its movie novelization. But these was changed to Que whom get executed instead.


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